“Huh? This sounds like a scam!”

Leaderboard in Worthee appAt Worthee, we – and you, if you’re a member – hear that all of the time. A company paying people real money just to use an app? Too good to be true, some say. There must be a catch, exclaim others.

Talk to the 500+ members who earned actual money the past few months, and you’ll quickly learn that Worthee isn’t a scam. You really do get paid when you earn your way onto the leaderboard.

There IS a catch, though… no, there are two catches! In other words, there are two big reasons why we pay our members for using the Worthee app.

Catch #1: You must share your voice and feedback with others. And, by the way, your opinion and experience are valuable. Every time you give meaningful feedback, coworkers and employers get the information they need to improve, and we at Worthee learn how to deliver on our promise to support workers everywhere.

While businesses usually ask for feedback without offering anything in return – now that’s a scam! – Worthee is different. The more thoughtful feedback you give, the more points you earn, the higher you climb on the leaderboard, and the more likely you’ll earn real dollars for your efforts. It’s a fair exchange: compensation for your efforts.

Catch #2: You help us grow. Worthee has a big mission: help people in hourly and low-wage jobs pull themselves up by their “digital” bootstraps, moving towards better jobs, training, development, and education. It’s more than an app, it’s a movement – one that will take not thousands, but millions of members. So, when you help grow our community by inviting co-workers and friends to join the Worthee app, those efforts are rewarded with points on the leaderboard towards financial earnings. Again, it’s only fair.

After all, YOU provide the value. 

Worthee is built for people looking to discover and articulate their strengths, individuals who want a clear, safe voice in the workplace, and those who want to join the technology revolution at work that has left more than half of the population behind.

We could do how other companies do: pay for Facebook and Google ads (do they really need more money?!), hire a fancy marketing agency, or plaster ads on hundreds of billboards. Instead, we pay the members who spread the word. Members who need the money more than multimedia giants. Members who create the value in the first place that allows Worthee to exist.

So, no scam here. Give it a try. Download the Worthee app, invite your team to join, and share feedback with us when you want. We are always available at hi@worthee.com.

P.S. we’re real people, too. Not a big, faceless company – but a small group of people hard at work to make Worthee work for you.

Thanks, Worthee ones!