It’s easy, really!

1. Go to the “Community” tab.
2. Click the “Invite Coworkers” banner at the the top
3. Type in your coworker’s phone number
4. Click “Send Invite”

Your coworker will receive a link to the app via text. If they download it, you get 35 points! That’s 35 points to the monthly leaderboard, where the top point earners receive real cash for their efforts at the end of the month.

GIF demonstrating the steps above

Now… WHY should you invite coworkers? Lots of reasons — besides the points, of course.

  1. Feedback: Coworker reviews let you express yourself and learn where you stand at work. You can finally have a voice about how you feel. In return, you’ll hear from coworkers where you’re doing great and where you could stand to improve. You’ll even get a score that highlights your strengths!
  2. Fun: You’ll get more variety in the cards and things to do. (And yes, it looks a little like Tinder — we know!) Earning real cash on the Leaderboard becomes a snap when it’s so fun to use.
  3. Teamwork: Our members say that using Worthee together makes them happier at work. You’ll learn and grow together as team.

Questions? Need a helping hand? Reach out any time to and we are here to help. We can even send you some materials to get you going 🙂