The white-collar crowd has LinkedIn.

We’re the professional app for everyone else.

Worthee is an app designed to empower workers everywhere – specifically, workers in hourly, low-wage, and otherwise marginalized jobs. People doing hard work, day in and day out.

In most workplaces, the people doing the hardest work have no say and few tools to improve their careers. Worthee is here to change that.

The Worthee app gives you, the worker, a voice and valuable information to help you improve. And even better, you can earn real money just by using the app.

Tell me more!

On Worthee, you give and get feedback to your coworkers and workplace with just a few swipes a day. It’s easy and anonymous.  You simply give ratings, answer questions, and add thoughtful feedback when you have more to say.

Worthee lets you express how you feel in a safe space. You’ll also hear from others what you do well and what you can improve on, in real time. No more waiting for the lackluster performance review. As you use the app, you’ll build a continuously updated, professional profile that highlights your strengths.

Our members say that the Worthee app has helped them get inspired, improve at work, and grow together as a team. With an interface that might remind you of Tinder, we also hear that it’s a lot of fun.

To see how it works in action, see the app tour here.

About that money…

Unlike other companies, Worthee rewards the value created by its members. With every review you give, question you answer, and friend you invite, you earn points. Points go towards a monthly contest that we call the “Leaderboard.” At the end of the month, Worthee members with the most points on the Leaderboard earn real cash. This coming month, we’ll divvy up $20K to hundreds of Worthee members. Really.

(See how that’s possible here).


Since Worthee is your new go-to professional app, be sure to join your workplace and invite your coworkers. That way, you’ll get helpful feedback and folks to review right away. Click here to see how to invite your coworkers. (Small workplace or unemployed? No worries! You can still use Worthee.)

We recommend logging in daily to get the most out of the app – and climb the Leaderboard.

And here’s the exciting part.

Worthee has a huge mission: to help workers in low-wage jobs rise and thrive. Our feedback platform is just the tip of a very exciting iceberg. In the upcoming months, we’re taking our app to the next level to help you move to a more satisfying career. Stay tuned!

Whether it’s helping you achieve better wages, a new job, a happier workplace, or personal growth, Worthee is here to help.

Questions or comments? Reach out any time to We aim to make Worthee as helpful as possible to YOU, our members. We want feedback too!

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