Fast Facts:

    • The Leaderboard is a monthly cash contest on Worthee
    • You earn points for using the app
    • Your point total determines your Leaderboard ranking
    • At the end of the month, you earn money based on your latest ranking


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The Leaderboard is a monthly cash contest based on who has the most points. You can rise on the Leaderboard by using the app. Make sure to use Worthee throughout the month to protect your rank!

At the end of the month, your Leaderboard ranking determines your cash reward. See how much each ranking is worth under “Value” next to your current points.

In December alone, we’ll be distributing a total of $20,000 among the top 400 users on the Leaderboard!

Your ranking is not final until the contest ends at midnight GMT on the last night of the month.

When the next contest starts, all points reset to zero so that everyone has a chance to win on the new Leaderboard.

How do I earn points?

A whole range of activities on Worthee can earn you points, including inviting coworkers and leaving reviews.

Sound too good to be true? Click here to understand why we share the wealth at Worthee.

Remember that the Leaderboard is just a way to get people excited about the real value of Worthee — getting ahead in the workplace! As a result, we take spamming very seriously and deduct points for unhelpful behavior. We want to keep the Leaderboard fair!