Many of us have feedback we’d like to give to our coworkers on Worthee but are not sure how to do so in a helpful and constructive way. Below are some tips for how to give good feedback.

To start, here’s a post copied from the @iamworthee Instagram:

Good feedback is specific. That means that instead of saying “John is lazy”, try: “During slow periods, it would be helpful if John did more cleaning.”

Good feedback is also actionable, which means that the person can do something with their feedback! You can try starting feedback with the phrase, “In the next week, Sarah could improve by…”

Finally, good feedback is kind, which means giving users the benefit of the doubt, even if we don’t want to. Instead of saying, “Alex is mean,” try: “I know Alex has been very stressed recently, but I would appreciate it if they stayed calm with their employees.”

Giving the same feedback, over and over?

Try starting your comment with one of these prompts:

  • “They are especially good at…”
  • “I’ve already seen them improve by…”
  • “In the next week, they could improve by…”
  • “I love that they…”
  • “They are great at … but could improve on…”
  • “The best thing this person does is…”
  • “This person’s best quality is…”
  • “One thing they do well is…”
  • “One thing they could improve on is…”