• An app to help people find better jobs
  • Very simple. A way to share your voice anonymously+constructively.
  • Valuable. Good, genuine feedback makes a big difference.
  • Worthee IS an app that helps people in low wage jobs and industries find better jobs. Better jobs are jobs that pay more, care more, provide benefits and ongoing training, and help their employees rise and thrive. Better jobs can also be found by being promoted in your current company.

    Worthee today IS very simple. Worthee IS a feedback app that allows members to safely and anonymously share constructive feedback to their employer, manager and co-workers. Worthee also asks questions helping to determine the needs of its members, with training, further education, and life services in mind. We also conduct basic research on current events that might effect our members.

    The information that Worthee members share IS valuable. Worthee rewards members who contribute the most by giving them points for feedback and for inviting new members to Worthee. The members with the most points at the end of the month earn cash bonuses. Destructive and hurtful feedback is not permitted and can result in people being removed from Worthee. Everything is filtered to ensure that feedback is constructive and helpful.

    Resumes and online profiles based on this valuable information will begin to appear in the spring of 2020. Everything will be controlled by the Worthee member – not their employers. The employee always comes first at Worthee.

    Employer profiles and reviews by employees will also be made public in the spring of 2020.


  • A game. Reviews are only helpful if they’re meaningful.
  • For cheaters. Be genuine!
  • Free. In exchange for being paid on the Leaderboard, you’re creating value on Worthee via your feedback.
  • Worthee is NOT a game, even though it sometimes feels like a game. Answering questions and getting points is fun sometimes, but the answers are meant to help Worthee build members’ first resumes, online profiles, and finally get better jobs.

    Worthee is NOT a place for cheats or rude, dishonest people. You won’t last long if you are these things.

    Worthee is NOT paying you money for nothing. When you provide honest and thoughtful feedback to your company, your co-workers and to Worthee itself, you are creating value. We pay people who work hard for a few minutes a day to add real value.

    We do LOVE to get feedback on how we are doing, especially when something is wrong or not working. Email us anytime at hi@worthee.com!