Got laid off? Need a job during this tough time? The Worthee team has been sorting through job links to find jobs you can apply for now.

Many require advanced training, but there are also many jobs for customer service that can be done remotely.


FlexJobs is a legit job board offers a variety of remote jobs. They require a $15/month subscription to use, but if you’re only going to be on it for one month, that might be worth it. Try googling “FlexJobs coupon” — we found some to make it cheaper than $15.

Amazon Jobs

Full disclosure: Amazon can be a tough place to work. They require lots of movement, and some have criticized their warehouse work conditions. But! They’re paying at least $17/an hour right now and hiring 100k workers. Warehouses are open for now and workers work far apart, so hopefully will stay open.


A techonology company that employs more than a million contractors for jobs like translation, transcription (writing down what people say in audio), and app moderation. Check them out!


Like many remote jobs, this one is looking for people to serve as customer service representatives. They let you work from home and have positions available.

Another job board. This one also has many jobs requiring training, but there are jobs available for others! Many involve customer service or transcription. Check it out.