Hey Worthee members,

It’s a new month, which means new Leaderboard! In April, we’re changing things up.

Next month, the prizes for the Leaderboard will the following:

First Place: $500

Second Place: $250

Third Place: $100

Everyone Else: $20

In addition, we have lowered the number of cards you get everyday, from 30 to 13.

Why we’re doing this:

Worthee is a way for workers to get better together, not to stress out. Because we are giving everyone $20, you don’t have to stress about how many cards you answer every day in order to get rewarded. Plus, less cards means you can spend more time on each question to give meaningful answers.

How can I still earn more money?

You can still earn big by getting first place! But you can also earn by sharing Worthee with your community. We’re separating the rewards for inviting members from the Leaderboard.

Now, for every person you invite who becomes an active member, you get $10 at the end of the month.

NOTE: You will still get 1 point on the Leaderboard (instead of 5, like before) for invites, but the $10 dollars are seperate from the Leaderboard. This means that even if you don’t invite lots of friends, you can still triumph on the Leaderboard!