We recently asked our 5,000 Worthee Ones, most of whom work in hourly positions that don’t pay a livable wage, if they felt they were “Essential Workers” or “Sacrificial Workers”.

While 61% of them considered themselves essential during the early days of the Pandemic, today over 70% don’t feel they are treated as essential. Especially as vaccines are made available in order of importance, many of those who have been asked or forced to work the front-lines in non-medical settings or else face job loss, food insecurity, or outright poverty are not feeling the love today.

To the thousands of employers in these industries (many struggling themselves for survival): do not kid yourselves about how your employees are doing right now. At the very least frequent and honest communication about what you can or can’t do as an employer is a must these days. If your business is possibly not going to survive, early warning to your team will allow them to start looking for a new job before your own loss translates into theirs as well.

Bottomline: It’s not easy for anyone right now. But anything that can be done to help frontline workers feel valued and appreciated will go a long way towards building trust when things get back to the new normal.