Guided by our decades-long passion for giving workers a safe and powerful collective voice in the workplace, Worthee’s ultimate mission is to empower underserved workers to rise and thrive.

Almost half the workforce in the U.S. don’t make a livable wage*, which means they aren’t earning enough to make ends meet and are in a constant state of insecurity, living paycheck-to-paycheck. Since 1970, the U.S. income gap has continued to widen, steadily eroding the middle class and creating a de-stabilized and unsustainable socio-economic and political environment.

People who work in low-wage jobs have become commodities, often without a voice, and are underserved in many fundamentally important ways.

We believe that in order for society to truly prosper, those in the low-wage workforce need to be heard and we are laser-focused on giving them a voice.

Worthee is a simple, super-charged feedback app today. You sign up, you receive a few questions every day about your workplace, your coworkers, and your thoughts on relevant events, and that’s it. Many months the top contributors can earn extra spending cash. See the Leaderboard tab in the app for details.


National average living wage


of US workers make less than


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John Pepper

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