Worthee gives you a strong and safe voice in the workplace, lets you know where you stand, and helps you find better jobs and earn more income.


The Problem

More than 50 million workers in the U.S. earn less than a livable wage. Many of them work second and third jobs to make ends meet. Low-income and hourly workers need to make more money and need to have their voices heard at work.

What We Believe

When workers have a voice and know where they stand they can create new value for their employers and themselves. By creating new value, workers are enabled to earn more money, increase responsibility, find better jobs, and support each other along the way.

The Worthee Platform

Worthee gives workers a safe and strong voice at work. With Worthee, coworkers let each other know how they are doing with ongoing daily reviews and communicate with each other through an anonymous message board. This ongoing stream of feedback is reflected in a worker's Worthee score, which represents a worker's value in the workplace. The Worthee app is available for free on iOS and Android.


Be Heard

Worthee gives you a safe and strong voice at work and lets you know where you stand.


Get Recognized

Safely let coworkers know how they are doing and they'll do the same for you. Use your Worthee score to move up and get what you deserve.


Join The Conversation

Tell it like it is and see what coworkers are saying in the Breakroom. Post anonymously to maintain your privacy.