How do I make money with Worthee?

During some months, Worthee holds contests for top contributors. Please see the Leaderboard tab in the app to learn what this month’s incentive is. Not all months have incentives. Learn more here: Rewards FAQ

How do I join my workplace on Worthee?

When you install the Worthee app, you’ll be asked to choose a workplace. You can search by your employer’s name or your work address.

Can I use Worthee at multiple workplaces?

Yes. On the Profile tab, tap “+ Add another workplace”.

What happens if I leave my job?

You can “leave" your workplace from the Profile Tab. Your score history and ratings will remain, and you will no longer be able to give or receive ratings from your old coworkers.

How do I add coworkers to Worthee?

On the Home screen, tap Invite the Coworkers button. Remember that inviting coworkers (and friends!) earns you more points!

What happens after I invite someone to join Worthee?

The people you invite will receive a text message inviting them to join Worthee. Once they install the app and join your workplace, you will see them on Worthee.

Can my coworkers see the scores I give them?

No. When you rate a coworker, they cannot see who rated them.

Can my coworkers see my Worthee score?

By default, your Worthee score is publicly visible. If you’d like to hide your Worthee score, go to the Profile tab, and uncheck “Show my score on my public profile”. You control who sees what.

Can employees at other organizations see my Worthee score?

If you have “Show my score on my public profile" checked, yes. If you want to turn it off, go to the Profile tab, and uncheck “Show my score on my public profile”.

What are kudos?

Kudos are a virtual “pat on the back” – send these only when a coworker does something work-related that really stands out to you. These are for truly exceptional moments! For example, if a coworker had to act as a manager for a day because someone called in sick, you might let them know they did an amazing job.

Can I post anonymously on the Message Board?

Yes. You have the option to post anonymously when posting a message to the Breakroom, but these messages must be approved by the admin team at Worthee so make sure they are constructive and expect a (long) delay in their appearance on the timeline (our team is small… and we get many, many anonymous messages that need to be reviewed)

How much data does Worthee use?

Sending messages between coworkers via Worthee doesn’t count against text message limits, because Worthee delivers all messages over data services. Furthermore, because the data Worthee uses is mostly text-based, it accounts for a tiny percentage of your overall data usage.

How much space does Worthee take up on my phone?

The Worthee app is approximately 20MB in size.

Can I use Worthee on a computer instead of a phone?

No. Worthee is available only on phones and tablets.

How much does Worthee cost?

Worthee is completely free.

What happens if I find a bug in Worthee?

If you find a bug in Worthee, please email