Our Services

Worthee offers a full suite of concierge services. We believe that, "yes is the answer, what is the question?" We take pride in customizing each service for you and your pet. Please let us know if you have any special requests. We love being at your service! 

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Dog WAlking


It's a time of exercise, exploration, and excitement for your pup. Our Care Specialists help your doggy get the most out of their walk by encouraging ongoing proper leash etiquette, engaging your dog physically and mentally, and giving them the proper care, love, and attention you know they deserve.

Benefits Include:

  • Not wondering if they are OK at home
  • Staying fit and healthy 
  • Weight control
  • No more destructive behavior
  • Regulate digestive system
  • Less hyperactivity
  • Stop unruliness
  • Build Trust
  • End barking and whining 

In-home food delivery

Worthee takes the headache out of buying pet food. With free monthly delivery, you never have to worry about buying food again!

  1. Tell us what food you currently purchase
  2. How often you would like it delivered
  3. We will source it at the best price possible 
  4. Delivered straight to your door - free! 

(selection advice and price matching available)

Vet visits

We will get your pet to and from their appointment safely and soundly. Don’t feel stressed about that annoying annual trip to the vet.

Leave permission to enter with the door staff and we will take care of the rest! We specialize in handling all requests such as placing your dog in a crate, putting out water or food, turning on the lights or air conditioning, anything you need just ask!


Worthee provides transportation to and from grooming appointments. When your pooch is ready to become silky smooth, let Worthee do the leg work.

In some of our partner properties, with on-site pet spas, Worthee will schedule appointments to pamper your pet in the comfort of your building and return your pet to your appartment when finished. 

Pet Sitting


Leaving your pet when you're away can be a hassle. Worthee provides the best solution!

One of our outstanding Care Specialists will create an in-home pet sitting experience second to none.

Customizable in-home pet sitting prevents separation anxiety, allows your pet to be in the comfort of their own home, and provides the highest level of connectivity while you are away. All pet sits include fantastic pictures and a detailed summary report of each day.

  • Includes 3 walks
  • Option for Care Specialist to sleep over
  • No up-charge for multiple dogs - Holiday rates apply 

In-home training

The benefits of having a trained dog are nearly limitless! From the moment you get your new puppy or dog, Worthee wants to be a part of your life and help ensure the best ownership experience possible.

  • Puppy training provides the opportunity for getting your new family member started off right. Puppy training provides the experiences and opportunities for your youngster to develop interaction skills with other puppies, people, and in new environments. Worthee has a fully turnkey puppy kit where we take you from day 1 to success!

  • Training sessions provide dog owners the skills and knowledge for dealing with common, normal dog behaviors—starting with puppy behaviors such as house training and chewing.

  • All our training sessions are in-home, in a comfortable, non-distracting environment. We tailor a plan that works with the goals you set! 

  • Puppies typically learn to go into their crate on command, respond to their name, sitting and laying down until you say, "OK!" leave it, wait, come when called, and any other client requests.

Puppy Consultation: $80 (free with package purchase) - everything you need to know about raising your new puppy

  • Single Session: $80/hr
  • Pack of 3: $220
  • Pack of 5: $360
  • Pack of 10: $700