How do I earn points?

You earn points simply by using the Worthee app to answer questions.

How much money can I earn by using the Worthee app?

Each point you earn in a given month is worth a dollar amount (which is updated each month). Check the Leaderboard in the Worthee app to see how much points are worth this month! 

Is there a minimum number of points I need to get before I can get paid?

Yes, you need to get $10 worth of points in a month to get paid. If you do not reach this threshold in the month, your balance will reset to $0.

What happens if I do not earn the minimum payment threshold?

If you do not reach the minimum threshold in the month, your points balance will reset to 0.

How does the Leaderboard work?

The Leaderboard is the place where you see how many points you've earned so far in the month and how many points other Worthee members have earned. Your rank on the Leaderboard is based on how many points you've earned in the month. All points reset at the beginning of the month, so each month every member has an equal opportunity to climb the Leaderboard. During the month, your rank is updated instantly, so check the Leaderboard often! 

Who is eligible to earn money on the Leaderboard?

You must be at least 18 years old, a legal US resident, and earning no more than $20/hour (or the annual equivalent).

How do I get my cash if I’ve earned money on the Leaderboard?

After the end of the month in which you've earned money, Worthee will contact you via text message and/or email and/or telephone to arrange payment.

Do I need to do something within a certain amount of time to get paid?

Yes, you need to respond to Worthee with your payment information within 30 days after the end of the month in which you earned the money. If you do not respond to Worthee in this timeframe, your balance will be reset to $0.

Why did my points go down?

You will lose points if you give mean-spirited feedback or demonstrate unproductive reviewing behavior. You may also lose points by unproductively using the app which includes spamming the message board with irrelevant or excessive material. It is at the sole discretion of Worthee to decide when to detract points. If you feel points were unjustly detracted please contact with your complaint and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Do my points expire?

Around the end of the month, all points are reset to 0. Also, remember that there is a minimum threshold of points you need to earn to get paid and that you must respond to Worthee with your payment information within 30 days following the end of the month in which you earned money, otherwise your balance will be set to $0.  

Why is my rank different than someone who has the same number of points?

Rank ties are automatically settled by date, so the first to achieve the tied rank will be awarded the higher rank.

How do I get paid for inviting my friends?

Simply invite your friends through the app (go to the Leaderboard and tap the “Invite Others" button at the bottom of the screen). You can see how many points you’ll get under the button. In order for you to get your points, your invited friend must download Worthee, create an account (including a real photo!), and answer at least 25 questions on Worthee.